DJ Floops - Puja in yuh Kutiya

Puja in yuh Kutiya by DJ Floops Album Art

This chutney 2023 song is about how religion almost prevented two lovers (a hindu and non-hindu) from marriage. Watch from beginning to the end to hear the story.



I want to do a puja in yuh kutiya
I living with a Rawan
Who doh wah no hawan

When I lived in trini
I chook plenty jaandee
For prayers I did yearly
With meh guru ji
Am blessed by the pitr
to see many victories
Seems all my worries
Related to this larkhi

Invite her mammy
To the Hindu ceremony
To witness the hardhi
With meh family
What I really didn't know
D Sasu would steal the show
she say the pundit
Talking Mumbo jumbo

Well meh mausi
rush out to fight she
To quell the ladaaye
please doh cross the bedi
She prolly angry
waiting in vip
for someone to feed
but they eat out the roti

time for the shaadi
the dulahin aayi
with no bharathi
cuz they gone to GT
suno suno fitoor
with or without the sindoor
aap meree premee hoon
nahin rona doo doo

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Updated: 2022-Dec-29
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