Floops Festival Episode 51

Floops Festival Episode 51 #FF51 contains classic chutney hits like Sonny Man Lotay La, Anand Yankarran Mouise Mashup, Sam Boodram Lalana Khoosie  & Chris Garcia Chutney Bacchanal.. Check out the full tracklist below.


  1. Danaday Narine - Picka Chook Me.
  2. Sonny Man - Lotay La.
  3. Anand Yankarran - Mouise Mashup.
  4. Lalman Maharaj - Cat lick D butter.
  5. Heeralal Rampartap - Chutney Posse.
  6. Cecil Funrose - Khirk na Din.
  7. Jairaj Dindial - Sandfly.
  8. Neeshan Prabhoo - Doh hold meh back.
  9. Hema Dindial & Hitman - Kan Pera Totiya (Remix),
  10. Chris Garcia - Chutney Bacchanal.
  11. Boodram Holass - Thar Gori Jamunai.
  12. Rasika Dindial - Maticoor Night.
  13. Heeralal Rampartap - Run for meh life.
  14. Sam Boodram - Lalana Khoosie.
  15. Spread Pal Crew - Cut the grass.
  16. Rikki Jai - Mor Tor.
  17. Heeralal Rampartap - Basmatee.
  18. Kaminee Maharaj - Aye Harry Boy.
  19. Neval B & D.Rampersad INDI-ART - Gear Lever.
  20. Vedesh Sookoo - Dhal belly Indian.

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Author: djfloops
Last Updated:2017-11-11