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We take bookings very seriously; since we aim to please our clients and provide them with as much satisfaction possible. Please ensure that you have acquainted yourself with our Terms & Conditions of Bookings below and that you are comfortable with our requirements.

Terms and Conditions of Bookings

Table of Contents

  1. Dj Floops (TT) – Dj Floops Trinidad and Tobago trading as Floops Sound Productions as owned by Jason Sookram.
  2. Promoter – is a person or company that seeks to procure the services of Dj Floops (TT).
  3. O.A Management is the sole agent of Dj Floops (TT).

Emails. We prefer communication in email form via the following email addresses:

  • Booking |
  • Management |

"Representations made by the promoter in emails sent and received will be relied upon and thus forms part of the contract."

Required Information for Bookings
  1. The date, start and end time of our performance will be relied on and constitutes the contract between Dj Floops (TT) and the promoter.
  2. Any additional time required by the promoter outside the agreed time will attract an additional fee.
  3. This fee would have been communicated to the promoter verbally or via email
  1. A 50% deposit on local performances (meaning in Trinidad) and must be fully paid at least one month before the performance. Tobago is treated as an international booking.
  1. All cancellations should be communicated at least 2 weeks before the performance.
  2. Proper cancellations would result in full refund of deposit. Failure to cancel as stipulated would result in the buyer losing the full deposit.
  3. Same day cancellations by the promoter would hold the promoter liable for the full agreed fee, that is, deposit and the outstanding balance.
International Bookings
  1. The Promoter is required to pay full accommodation and airfare for the booking.
  2. OA Management reserves and/or prefers the right to book the hotel accommodations and flights for Dj Floops (TT). However, in the event the promoter provides suitable hotel accommodations and flights for Dj Floops (TT), this can be negotiated and accepted.
  3. All performance fees and all travel, accommodation and performance costs must be fully paid at least one month or a reasonable timeframe before the performance.
Refusal to Perform
  1. Dj Floops (TT) reserves the right to refuse to perform if he feels his life or equipment is in danger.
  2. Dj Floops (TT) reserves the right to refuse to perform if the promoter has booked a specific time and because of poor stage management, Dj Floops (TT) is delayed.
  3. Dj Floops (TT) assumes no liability for faulty equipment provided, equipment and power failures.
Equipment Requirements
  1. Dj Floops (TT) assumes that the promoter will provide professional quality dj equipment.
  2. Technics Turntables are the preferred turntable for his performance but Pioneer CDJs are a preferred alternative. Controllers are frowned upon due to their limited functionality but can be accepted on spot depending on the quality provided.
  3. Equipment Provision must be agreed by promoter and Dj Floops (TT) prior to finalization of contract.
Mic Men & Radio Announcers
  1. Dj Floops (TT) prefers not to work with a mic man or a hype man.
  2. Dj Floops (TT) prefers not to work with Radio Announcers who speak incessantly and frequently interrupt or speak over the music being played.
  3. In instances where another person other that Dj Floops (TT) is in control of sound effects, overuse will not be tolerated. Ads, phone calls, drops and ids are allowed.
  4. Dj Floops (TT) reserves the right to use his drops and ids. He rarely uses sound effects.

Essentially, we expect that you treat with us in a very professional manner.

This is so, Dj Floops TT, can concentrate on doing what he does best and that is rocking the party!

All booking confirmations will be documented via email.

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Last Updated:2018-01-02